Unwind With A Visit To Celebration Station

Florence Ranch Homestead sits just north of Mesquite city center, in the suburbs of this pretty city. That makes it easy to reach via public transport and well worth a visit. It’s also not far from the Town East Mall, which is worth a visit on the way to or from the ranch.

Of course, if you’re interested in ranching and farming history, you’ll need to check out Opal Lawrence Historical Park.

This ranch was built in 1871 by David W. and Julia Savannah Florence, hence the name of the ranch. The couple had moved from Van Zandt County to become ranchers. The land in the Mesquite area was known to be fertile.

Although the first section, of the ranch, was completed in 1971, the rest wasn’t built until the 1890s. That’s when it became the ranch house that you see today.

David W. Florence continued to work the ranch until 1908, when he passed it on to his son, Emet. He ran the ranch with his wife Perle and eventually passed it on to their daughter Julie.

It was Julie who donated Florence Ranch to the City of Mesquite in 1987.

When the ranch was donated, Julie included 4 acres of land. A large amount of the land had previously been dedicated to building a school. It served the local community well and ultimately became part of the Grand Prairie School District.

While the architecture of the ranch is reminiscent of the period, there are many unique details. The ranch both portrays 19th-century rural Texas and has a variety of personal elements, this has led historians to suggest it was built from carpenter handbooks as opposed to architectural drawings.

It’s certainly stood the test of time.

Today, it’s open as a museum, a reminder of the beginnings of ranching in the area. The ranch is currently open on Fridays and Saturdays. For just a few dollars you can take a look inside and be transported back in time.  , something that has proven very popular with local schools.

It’s also possible to book a tour

The house still has many of its original furnishings, including the furniture, original portraits, a variety of household goods, and other memorabilia. It really makes you feel like you’re back on the ranch.

Of course, Florence Ranch Homestead is no longer a working ranch. Alongside the impressive architecture and an, inside dedicated to yesteryear, you’ll find some of the ranch land has been converted into beautiful gardens. You can stroll through the grass, enjoy a picnic, and feel at one with nature.

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