Test Yourself With The Mesquite City Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt? The Mesquite Scavenger Hunt, officially called Mesquite Maverick’s Treasure Hunt covers 1.12 miles and has eight stops. It’s a great opportunity to solve puzzles, bond with your friends, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Complete this scavenger hunt with friends or as a work team-building exercise. There’s no limit on your group size. Although, if you have a lot of friends or teammates, you’ll find it even more fun if you split into groups and compete with each other!

The scavenger hunt takes you through the downtown area of Mesquite, allowing you to learn some history as you travel. You’ll quickly discover the scene of a notorious train robbery, its wild-west heritage, and some of the more modern, and fascinating cultural delights.

If you enjoy this, you should check out the Mesquite Arts Center after!

The Mesquite City Scavenger Hunt is more than just a treasure hunt, it’s an opportunity to take a look into the past, experience how things used to be, and perhaps be grateful for how they are today!

You don’t have to dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl, but you’ll sure feel like one as you check out what’s left of the old railroad and the hidden delights.

The scavenger hunt is designed to help you embrace and understand Mesquite’s past, it’s a great way to discover the hidden treasures of the city, such as iconic statues and other landmarks. The best part is that these treasures are hidden in plain sight!


As you embrace the hunt you’re certain to have highs and lows. The clues are just difficult enough to be challenging, without leaving you frustrated. The sites are awe-inspiring and may leave you thinking a little deeper about life in general.

What is certain is that you, and your friends, will have a great time discovering the Mesquite railroad, Sam Bass Train Robbery, and Anaya Harmony, to mention just a few of the delights.

The Mesquite City Scavenger Hunt is interactive, making it fun for all ages. You can do it at any time, allowing you to choose your preferred moment.

Tickets do need to be bought in advance. However, if for any reason you can’t do the Mesquite Scavenger Hunt, the tickets can be used on any one of 3,000 other outdoor scavenger hunts.

If you’re under five, you don’t even need a ticket!

It’s worth noting, you need a phone and to have downloaded the Mesquite scavenger app. It uses GPS and AI photo scanning, giving you the extra guidance you need to solve puzzles and move smoothly between destinations.

It’s not just about solving puzzles! The hunt also challenges you to take the funniest photos, helping you make the most of the occasion.

Even if you’re not competing against friends, you can compete against everyone else! We keep a leaderboard showing points scored by all the teams that play this. If you’re good enough, you may be at the top!

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