Explore The Mysteries At Samuell Farm, Mesquite

Samuell Farm is located just north of the center of Mesquite, not far from the Town East Mall and the Mesquite Antique Gallery. (Both of which are worth checking out). It’s easy to get to from the city center by public transport. Alternatively, take the car and park on site.

The farm is set on 609 acres of land, officially designated as a regional park. Kit was first established in 1938, just a year after renowned local surgeon Dr. Willian Samuell donated a parcel of 820 acres of land to the city.

There was only one condition attached to his donation, that the land must be accessible to the public at all times and that the council could never sell the land.

Dr. Samuell was a lover of the great outdoors and saw his donation as a way to help others enjoy everything that nature had to offer. Today, Samuell Farm has taken up this mantle and offers something for everyone.

It’s a great place to spend a day as a family or even indulge in some team building.

Although the land was left to the council 85 years ago, it’s only been the last two decades where it has really flourished.

Today, it’s the place to go for a host of interesting activities. The committee behind it are dedicated to continuing this space as somewhere for the people of Mesquite and surrounding areas to relax, de-stress, and feel more at one with nature.

The area is split into two sections, the main farm and Samuell Farm North. Both areas offer green fields, with pathways winding through them, allowing you to see the local fauna. It’s a magical experience in the spring as the flowers emerge from the ground.

Because this area has been kept natural, you’ll find a host of wildlife in the area. All you need to do is proceed with caution to experience them. If you’re lucky you’ll see the rare whooping crane which has made itself home on the farm.

Of course, families sometimes need a little more than just nature. You can enjoy the picnic areas, modern playgrounds, and even eat in one of the heritage barns. Of course, there are also plenty of outside picnic tables available on those sunny days.

Samuell Farm also offers outdoor adventure programs, allowing you to get to grips with nature at different times of the year. You can check out their reservation program in the welcome center.

For those who are interested, you’ll find a remote control airplane area, it’s fun to watch. You can also go fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, and even geocaching. It really is a destination for everyone.

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