Explore The Mesquite Town East Mall

As the name suggests, the Mesquite Town East Mall is situated in the city of Mesquite, Texas. It’s just to the north of the center and is an experience that shouldn’t be missed by locals or visitors to the city.

The mall was first opened in 1971. Of course, it was a little different then to now, it’s been modernized several times since. Most notably in 2004 when it had a $20 million refit. Today, the mall is owned by Brookfield Properties. Their aim is to create a family-friendly space that supplies everything you could need. That’s increasingly challenging in modern digital times.

While the main reason for visiting Mesquite Town East Mall is for the shops, it can also be a handy stopping point on the way to Samuell Farm. It’s also worth noting that, in 1978, director Ron Howard filmed part of the movie Cotton Candy here.

Today, you’ll find a huge array of stores inside the mall. This includes specialist stores like American Jewelers and Cardtronics, alongside Aldo and American Eagle.

If you’re looking for beauty products then try the Bath & Body Works or the Beauty Spot.  Many of the stores are now partaking in the Town East Mall curbside pickup scheme. In other words, order your items and pick them up as you drive by. It’s not just stores offering this, restaurants are getting onboard too!

However, if you’ve just stopped for a bite to eat then head straight to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. It has an excellent reputation.

Of course, there are numerous other eating places worth considering, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or somewhere to take the kids. Chick-fil-A is on level three, the food court, and covers all taste buds. Equally, Charleys, specializing in cheesesteaks and wings, is a great option.

The mall can be a great place for children when it’s wet outside. Take your child to the Build-A-Bear Workshop and let them create their very own cuddly toy. It will give them a physical reminder of a memory that will last them a lifetime!

The mall is spread across three floors and tries to play its part in the local community. For example, its Partner to Empower program is trying to address and break down systemic racial barriers. It does this by offering resources and support to business owners of color when they open a business inside the mall. It’s proved to be a successful program.


The mall also offers a community discount program to students, educators, first responders, and military personnel.

Town East Mall in Mesquite is a shopping mall with over 160 shops and 25 eateries. The fact that it’s dedicated to improving the lives of those in the local community is what makes it stand out. It’s also what makes it worth a visit, whether you’re a visitor or local.

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