Check Out The Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience In Mesquite

The Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience is situated on the outskirts of Mesquite, a pretty town well worth visiting located to the east of Dallas.

As the name suggests, this attraction focuses on dirt racing. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, especially if you’ve spent the morning visiting the fascinating local Opal Lawrence Historical Park.

You don’t have to be an expert in dirty racing, you don’t even have to have any experience. The friendly team at Kenny Wallace Dirt Racing Experience will take care of everything for you. They’ll even provide you with all the safety gear you need.

Every session starts with a safety briefing, regardless of your experience level. This ensures everyone knows what they can and can’t do.

You can then get started. There are several packages on offer at the dirt racing track:

Taste the Dirt

This is the cheapest option and, as the name suggests, gives you a taste of what dirt racing is all about. You’ll get the appropriate training and can then do 5 laps of the circuit.

Into The Dirt

If you want a little more then the Into the Dirt package gives you 10 laps of dirt racing fun. Again, it starts with a training session and safety briefing.

Ten lessons is a good amount of time to really get a feel for the car.

Dirt Basics

The Dirty Basics is a more intensive course. There’s additional tuition between laps to help you get the most from the car. Best of all, you’ll get to do 15 laps of the track.

Dirt Basics Plus

This package gives you 20 laps of the track. Again, you’ll get training, tips between laps, and the relevant safety briefings.

Dirt Intermediate

The dirt intermediate course is designed for people with some experience. You’ll still get the relevant training and safety brief. However, this is more intensive. Completing 25 laps can be exhausting, especially if you’ve never done this before.

Dirt Advanced

The most advanced option is the dirt advanced package. It allows you to do a whopping 50 laps of the track. You’re almost guaranteed to leave the track a better driver. 

Perhaps the best thing about this option is that you don’t just drive one car, you get to sample three different dirt racers. That’s 15 laps in a late-model racer, 15 laps in a modified version, and a further 20 laps in a sprint car.

Naturally, you’ll need a license to try the dirt racing experience. If you haven’t got one yet, or are a little worried about driving the car yourself, you can opt for their ride-along package. You can choose between three or five laps with a professional at the wheel. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

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