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We’re on a mission to help families and property owners have a better masonry contractor experience! Talk straight, be honest, be on time, be on budget.


What makes Mesquite Masonry the one to trust?

We were started back in 1975 with a mission to help property owners enhance their lives with the beautiful and lasting effects of stone and brick. Our founders used to drive around Mesquite, Dallas and Fort Worth and groan when they saw the poor condition of tuckpointing, mortar, bricks, stone work that other masonry contractors had left behind. 

That’s why they created Mesquite Masonry, so honest people could work with a team that can:

  • Build on schedule
  • Stick to the budget
  • Bring fresh ideas
  • Not deal with a middleman or subcontractor
  • Is on site and ready to help you with anything that comes up
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Brick Masonry Experts That 'Get it'

Our founders understood that hiring a masonry professional is a large emotional and financial investment. When property owners want chimney repair, masonry repair, retaining wall repair, or anything else related to brick repair and restoration – they don’t want to be taken advantage of.

You’re here because you’re looking to solve a problem or build something new, and we get that. And you don’t want the project to be delayed or come in over budget. We also understand that.

You want to team up with a team of qualified professionals that understands those two points from the start. You don’t want to wait around for work to be done – and we get that! You’re not dealing with a national brick masonry service

Nobody wants to be treated like a number these days. You want to be able to shake hands with the owner, look them in the eye, and trust your investment to a team that’s going to get the job done right.

That’s why we’re not a big national chain, where you’re just a number. We’re a locally owned business, family based that helps everyday people realize their goals and visions for patios, driveways, chimneys, homes and commercial properties. Trust local, our company was build on it.

Our Amazing, Certified Team

Our team has a combined 50+ years in the field of masonry. Each of our team has been trained and certified by the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

The MCAA has created various national masonry certification programs to assist the end client with selecting a modern contractor committed to quality.

Construction clients lack an objective measurable method for determining a contractor’s quality in the absence of certification. Currently, the only method of selection is to compare bids and select the lowest.

Customers can use certification to select and specify a quality contractor on an objective basis, and it allows our industry to promote and provide a tool to measure quality to the design community and masonry customers.

Why we love what we do

We’re a group of self admitted perfectionists! We love doing what we do and don’t stop until the work is “juuuuust right”.

We also love to be outdoors in nature. When we’re not hands deep in brick masonry, we’re out hunting, fishing and hiking in the outdoors.

We love to see things become more beautiful! From our own homes to those of our clients, we have a passion for taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary. It’s just who we are.

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