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Mesquite Masonry was developed to provide you with a better contractor experience.  Experienced masonry contractors for all your stone, brick and block work. Serving Mesquite, Dallas, Fort Worth Metropolitan Areas!

We still enjoy what we do after more than a decade in the field, and we guarantee you will enjoy our german smear, stone masonry and commercial masonry repair. 

We understand that high-quality work, competitive pricing, and complete customer satisfaction are what you seek in a company, and we work hard every day to give this to each and every one of our clients across DFW.

We are honored that you are considering our team to care for your brick masonry repair, builds and commercial brick work.

You’ll quickly see why we’re not like anyone else you’ve considered for your concrete flatwork, stone, or brick needs.

When we claim we’ll deliver great work on time and on budget, we genuinely mean it! We work hard to build long lasting relationships with our clients, who call us back again and again for residential and commercial projects of all sizes!

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Masonry Services We Provide in Mesquite TX

Brick Masonry – Aside from its distinctive form and extensive patterning capabilities, few people are aware that bricks are also extremely durable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and weather-proof. Bricks not only give the long-lasting constructions and constructs you desire with the attractive appeal that we like, but they also provide a low-maintenance material. We repair cracked brick walls, fix chimneys, and restore brick foundations to their former glory using premium lime and sand aggregates. What we’re saying is – Mesquite’s top brick masons know what they’re doing and have the positive reviews to prove it.

German Smear – Perhaps it’s time to give your house a fresh new appearance with german smear decorative washing, which will offer an extra layer of individuality, character, and flair! Common to historic buildings, the coloring of the bricks wears out and begins to look dull. Rather than doing a whitewash, ask our expert masons to use a German smear technique to leave a textured, white-washed look on brick or stone. Or opt for the traditional red brick style. It’s a terrific classic statement for the exterior or interior of your home.

Stone Masonry Repair – For eons, stone has been one of the most prevalent building materials in human construction, adorning renowned works of human ingenuity including the pyramids, and several European churches. Technology has facilitated design and improved the professional-quality stone masonry contractor repair service you anticipate for your next commercial, home, or public construction project in our modern day. Is custom stonework on your list of repairs this year? Whether you’re working with new or used stone for your stone walls, retaining walls, fireplace, commercial stone work or more, you can count on us!

Indoor Fireplace Remodeling – Your fireplace can be the focal point of a beautiful home, or an eyesore from disuse. Building or repairing an indoor fireplace has unique challenges and opportunities to increase the value of your home significantly. With a fireplace built with stone or brick, you are ensuring a warm and comfortable environment for your home. Of all the chimney services in Mesquite that we do, tuckpointing, crown chimney liner cap replacements, and flue repairs are some of the most common. We can always repoint the chimney as well. Let us restore the beauty of a functional, attractive fireplace at your DFW residence.

Brick Repair Experts

Commercial Masonry Repair – You want your business or historical property to look its best. If your stone or brick work is looking worn, chipped or moldy, you can turn away customers and lose the value of your property. Let us handle your commercial masonry repair by repointing and correcting bulges, fractures, splits, and gaps that emerge between brick or stone to keep people safe and restore the building’s appearance.

Brick Repair and Restoration – The most common form of brick repair is called tuckpointing. That’s when we repair the mortar joints between the brick or stone, and add new mortar on top of it. We’ll work with you to not only determine the root cause of your bricks decay, but help you put steps in place to prevent it from happening again. Whether we’re removing plaster or patching brick walls for restoration, our masonry company is at your service.

Tuckpointing Repairs – Even if you have a small area of your home or building that needs tuckpointing, don’t hesitate to call us! Damaged, patched or crumbling bricks and mortar shouldn’t have to stop you from having a beautiful home. Small or large, we can handle it all!

Chimney Repair Service – There’s an easy way to know if your chimney needs repairs: bad smells coming from the flue, water damage on the caps or you’re getting too much smoke back into the home. With a quick call to us we’ll give you a free and professional assessment, without high pressure sales tactics.

Chimney Flashing Repair – Are you starting to see leaks in your home around the chimney area? This is a perfect sign that your chimney flashing is cracked, worn, rusty, damaged or even missing! This can cause major damage to your property and structure. Don’t be caught off guard, call us today for a free evaluation.

Brick Arch Repair – For a durable solution to repairing brick arches, there are 4 primary techniques we use: Crack stitching, arch reinforcement, lintel replacement and repointing. Sometimes we have to combine several of them to achieve the beautifully restored look you’re seeking.

Garage Lintel Repair – The ‘garage linte’ is that part of your home that supports the high weight of the stone, brick or masonry walls, and garage doors. With age, a garage lintel can get damaged, worn, cracked or worse causing water infiltration.

Cast Stone Repair – Whether you’re looking for cast stone restoration services or from scratch, we have extensive experience. From advanced color-matching techniques and refinished, waterproofing and protection, inspection and assessment, we can help you come up with a strategic plan on restoring your cast stone to the exact look you want.

Stone Contractor Services

Outdoor Masonry Construction – Masonry is any form of building something up using materials that are comprised of clay, glass, gypsum, concrete, stone, concrete, shale and bonded together with mortar. With such versatile building materials at our disposal, we can help you craft any outdoor design you can think of from stone walls to fountains, BBQ areas, outdoor kitchens, or even a custom outdoor fireplace.

Retaining Wall Construction – As Mesquite’s premiere retaining wall contractor, let us help you plan and create a visually stunning and functional wall that adorns your property. We use the latest building techniques to help prevent property erosion and control water drainage. Concrete, stone, brick, and cinder block retaining walls are all popular choices locally.

Outdoor Living Construction – Wanting to take in more of that beautiful Texas sky outdoors at the end of a long day? Imagine what it would be like to have a lovely paved stone backyard, complete with stone fireplace, BBQ station and area for the family to unwind. We can help you design, plan and build your ideal backyard retreat – with the beauty of stone.

Fireplace Remodeling Contractor – Do you want to convert your house into a HOME? The best way to achieve this is through a warm, roaring fireplace. Installing or remodeling a stone fireplace doesn’t have to be hard. Let us take your current fireplace from the 80s and upgrade it to a modern, center showpiece with our years of experience! Call us and ask about our eco-friendly options too.

Outdoor Kitchen Construction – Somehow there’s nothing better than cooking in the fresh outdoors as you’re surrounded by nature and the family. The smell of food, BBQ and sunshine just go perfectly together. Our team can help you design your ideal vision, then build it in minimal time with the least fuss, dust and mess.

Stone Patio Construction – Stone patios are the new ‘black’ of modern homes. Whether you’re considering an area for dining, entertaining or just hanging out – a stone patio or balcony can add that extra flair to your property. Stable, durable and incredibly easy to maintain, call us for an estimate and show book on what’s possible for you.

Pool Renovation Service – Looking to upgrade the tired looking pool in the backyard? Our team of designers can show you how to upscale your pool with stone accents such as steps, patios and stone walls. From rustic and simple to high end luxury, we’ll help you transform your pool area into a 5 star backyard escape.
Pressure washing is also an option to keep your pool looking clean and adding luster to your surroundings.

Brick Installation Professionals

Paver Patios Installation – Did you know that paver patios can help you increase your home’s value? Not only does it level the ground in your desired area, but creates a level area for outdoor furniture, grill and accents. With over 10 different stone types, you can customize your look to complement your environment, neighborhood and tastes.

Cast Stone Cleaning Service – A unique kind of stone work not many pros in Mesquite know how to handle, cast stone looks like a natural stone – but it’s made of concrete. This brings it’s own unique set of challenges such as mold and dirt can easily set in, making your property look worn. We can help you seal, repair or clean your cast stone so it gleams and looks better than the day it was cast!

Hardscaping – You’ve heard of landscaping right? Now meet hardscaping. It’s the process of using stone or brick to make a structure that compliments landscaping. Common materials include gravel, brick, wood, pavers or stone. Really, anything in an outdoor area that is not plant could be called ‘hardscaping’.

Stone Fire Pit Masonry – Since the dawn of time, man has crowded around fires to warm, comfort themselves, create bonds and tell stories. With the stresses of modern life, let us create a firepit worthy of your backyard! Imagine walking into your backyard this time next week and seeing a roaring fire in your very own stone fire pit, made from the most durable materials!

Firepit installation – Are you considering adding a firepit to your home or property? Nothing helps to pass the time better than sitting around a comforting fire. Fire pits can give you backyard a natural light source and upscale your ambiance. Using a variety of stone or brick options we can help you design a firepit that also serves as a unique grill, ready for your culinary touch.

Brick patio contractor – If you have a patio area with large amounts of foot traffic, and the ground is looking worn – or rose – causing tripping hazards, consider a brick patio. Paving a patio using stone offers you a lower priced solution to other options like concrete slabs. We have years of experience in using the right base and stone pavers so your patio lasts a lifetime!

Block wall contractor – Many homes in Mesquite use our services to help them build block walls – or retaining walls – to help prevent soil erosion, flooding, sinkholes, drainage and other common issues to our area. While many companies charge too much for this service, there are simpler options available. Call us to discuss your needs and budget and we’ll be happy to give you a free assessment. No matter what brick colors, size or layout you’re looking for, Mesquite Masonry can help you come up with the best option. Block walls can be used as a practical water erosion prevention strategy, or an esthetic enhancement to your property. Either way, a beautiful block wall can give that feeling of strength and durability to your property with the right block wall contractor.

Flagstone Walkways – Imagine pulling up to your home or property with a beautiful path made of stone. Durable, low maintenance and can blend in with practically any architecture, flagstone is quickly becoming a popular choice for savvy homeowners. Whether it’s a path to your backyard, garden, swimming pool, grill or to welcome friends to your front door, a veteran masonry contractor like Mesquite Masonry can help you achieve that ideal look!

Brick mailboxes – Are you looking to add instant curb appeal, durability and security? Look no further than our affordable brick mailbox design and building services. While some homeowners struggle with kits and mail order programs, smart homeowners know that people judge your property – and you – by the quality of workmanship from the curb. Trust our team of experienced brick mailbox artisans to help you with the right brick, stone and mortar design.

Why Choose our Company

We’re located right here in the heart of the beautiful Rodeo Capital of Texas, Mesquite. We love our city for it’s small town charm and culture. Our team frequently visits clients and projects in Dallas and the Fort Worth area as well. People love our professional team’s small town approach to big city projects.We’re proud to be a 2nd generation masonry contractor. With deep roots in the most common forms of masonry contractor work – and even some obscure ones! – our clients benefit from a close, well knit team of people who have worked and lived together for over 50 years.We are big believers in mentorship and constant education. That’s why each of our masons have to apprentice under an experienced mason for at least 3 years before we allow them to work on our client’s projects independently. In addition, we travel every year to various training programs to stay up to date on the latest brick, stone and mortar technologies, network with vendors and upskill our team.With over 50 years of combined experience and 5 star rating on Google, we are proud of earning the trust of our clients, many of whom quickly become our friends. We collaborate with many other contractors like roof cleaning specialists, general construction, plumbers and landscape architects. 

Why Should You Trust Us?

We understand that any stone work you embark on will be an investment, financially and emotionally. Choosing a contractor can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

When you choose Mesquite Masonry for your next project, you’re going to work with a dedicated team of licensed professionals who will stop at nothing until you get exactly the look you want.

With stone work, there’s a lot at stake as it works in conjunction with the elements, erosion, drainage, wear and tear and many other factors. So the work has to be done right the first time.

If you’re building something new, you want the vision in your head to match the reality of what was built. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ‘Check twice, work once’ policy of close client communication with no ghosting or letting our clients go to voicemail.

  • 5 Star reputation
  • Licensed and insured so you don’t risk anything
  • Home grown talent from Mesquite, TX
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or we make it right

When Should You Hire A Brick Contractor?

There are 2 main times in your property’s lifetime that hiring the right brick masonry contractor will make a difference: 

  1. When you are renovating existing stone or brick
  2. When you want to build something new out of stone

In both of those times, you want to be sure you are making the right choice. 

If you see your bricks, stone work or cast stone is chipping, grout is missing or chipping off, and bricks have started to crumble, you need a brick masonry professional who can execute the work in a timely, affordable way. This will ensure your home maintains it’s value (or even increases) and provides a safe living experience. 

Our values and mission

Keep Texas Beautiful. We love our Lone Star State! By taking pride in our work we can do our part to help keep this great state of Texas beautiful for all.

Masonry is an art and science. Because when you use the science of engineering and the instinct of artistic design, you have an unbeatable combination that will last the test of time.

People first, always. You can hire anyone to sling bricks together, but working with a Brick masonry service means constant communication. People want to be heard, not talked down to or ignored. That’s why our whole team goes through emotional intelligence training to help create an environment of open communication.

Do it right the first time. Taking your time to do this right the first time around will ensure you don’t have to go back and do it again later.

Frequently asked questions about Brick Repair and Construction

What is a masonry repair? Masonry repair is the service of plugging gaps in the mortar that surrounds the bricks and patching up where it’s needed. This could also include replacing mortar or bricks that no longer hold their structural integrity. Stone with the same issues (old mortar, old bricks) could be included in masonry repair services.

How do you fix masonry? A licensed professional will be able to do the following for you:

  • Locate the cracked mortar on the wall.
  • Remove the mortar to 0.75” depth: If a joint is horizontal, use a tool like a raking bar and pick away the mortar no deeper than ¾ of an inch. Vertical joints: use a hammer and chisel lightly.
  • Chip away excess mortar: Using a wire brush, remove the excess mortar.
  • Apply water with a spray gun or hose: Spray the wall with water to avoid dry bricks absorbing too much water during the repair phase.
  • Being patching with mortar. Using a joiner brush, fill the now ‘empty’ joints with new mortar. Be sure not to leave holes, gaps or voids.
  • Pointing the wall. Using a pointing tool, push the mortar flat into the gaps.

Is masonry and concrete the same? – Concrete is related but not the same as masonry. Concrete is a material made of gravel, pebbles, broken stone or slag mixed together with cement or mortar. Masonry, however, is the process of building and making structures out of stone, concrete block, brick or clay.

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